Supporting the highest standards in financial planning.


Financial advisers need a proper structure for providing investment advice in order for that advice to be both consistent and of a high standard. iCubed will endeavour to help financial advisers grow their investment business and improve consistency by providing a robust structure and ongoing input to their investment process. 

Investment Process

Create and maintain your own range of sophisticated, low-cost, risk-rated, multi-asset portfolios on your chosen platforms. 

Investment Analysis & Reporting

Communicating effectively with clients is an essential aspect of financial planning. iCubed provides a robust framework for communicating with and reporting effectively to clients that includes regular newsletters, fund and market commentary and investment policy statements.

Training and Consultancy

iCubed will provide investment training and consulting services to financial advisers focusing on the implementation and monitoring of their investment philosophy and process including the creation of an investment procedures manual. iCubed will provides educational market research and updates on topical matters of particular interest to the needs of financial advisers.

Develop Your Investment Business

Everything we do at iCubed is designed to give our client, the Financial Adviser, the best chance of investment success. In addition to providing  financial advisers with cutting edge investment solutions, an engagement with iCubed confers many other benefits. 

By using the iCubed service, financial advisers can maintain greater control of their investment advice and retain their place at the centre of the client financial planning relationship.  

iCubed’s interest are aligned with Financial Advisers and should deliver many benefits, such as:

  • Differentiated offering in a highly competitive marketplace.
  • Greater consistency of advice  through the deployment of external expertise.
  • Freeing up time to spend on the suitability and client interfacing aspects of financial planning.

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"Everything we do at iCubed is designed to give financial advisers the best chance of investment success."