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Global Stock Market Valuations

Star Capital 21/10/2015

A very comprehensive site with long term cyclically adjusted valuation data. Caution should be exercised in its interpretation, but it's very useful.  

A Short Course in Superforecasting 20/08/2015

The superb Philip Tetlock on the complexities of forecasting, even (or sometimes particularly) where you are dealing with experts.

The Truth About Inequality

Undercover Economist 01/05/2015

Interesting article from the undercover economist (Tim Harford). Myths abound. Many people seem to believe that Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century showed that wealth inequality is at an all-time high; instead, his data show that wealth inequality has risen only slowly since the 1970s, after falling during the 20th century. In Europe we are thankfully nowhere near the wealth inequality of the past.

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