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Who are iCubed and what do they do?


iCubed is an investment consultancy firm based in Dublin. It was founded in 2010 by Gary Connolly and provides independent financial advisers with a consulting, research and training service on investment funds and markets.

iCubed helps independent financial advisers to develop their investment advice process and strategies. It provides them with the ability to create and maintain their own range of sophisticated, low-cost, risk-rated, multi-asset portfolios on their chosen platforms.

iCubed was acquired by the Davy Group in 2014. iCubed was granted Central Bank authorisation in December 2014 and is authorised as an investment firm under Section 10 of the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995.

What does iCubed do?

We provide everything a financial adviser needs to deliver a high-quality investment management proposition, including strategic asset allocation, whole-of-market fund selection, investment commentary and analysis.

iCubed provides its financial adviser clients with a robust investment process and provides on-going research and investment communications reports. In doing so, iCubed assists financial advisers in maintaining high standards of consistency with the investment advice they provide to underlying clients in relation to their investment portfolios. 

What does iCubed not do?

We do not diminish our clients' pivotal role in the formulation and delivery of investment advice to their clients. Rather, we provide the knowledge and resources to enhance that role. 

The role of iCubed does not extend to providing investment advice to the clients of Financial Advisers. 

Who are the clients of iCubed?

The clients of iCubed are financial advisory firms, that recognise the complexities of investment markets and demand high-quality, unbiased investment research. They range in size from small owner-operated financial advisory firms to large accounting practices. 

How we think about investing

When investing, it’s easy to follow the crowd, but rare to outperform it by chasing trends. When it comes to building portfolios, we think it’s important to have a well-defined, methodical approach to making investment decisions. 

iCubed provides financial advisers with the ability to create and maintain their own range of sophisticated, low-cost, risk-graded, multi-asset portfolios on their chosen platforms.

The iCubed-financial adviser service is not transitory but a full life-cycle relationship, including ongoing portfolio monitoring and reporting. It takes into account your firm’s size and structure, philosophy and future focus. It covers the following critical areas of the investment process: 

  • Investment philosophy.
  • Investment portfolios
  • Long term asset class returns .
  • Investment Analysis and Reporting 
  • Quarterly newsletters.
  • Qualitative and quantitative investment fund research reports. 
  • Investment Procedures Manual. 

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